Flying high above the Manti Temple

May 05, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Manti Temple AerialManti Temple AerialThe Sanpete Valley, stretched out in the shadow of the Manti Temple As an FAA-Licensed Commercial Drone Pilot, I could use my Unmanned Aircraft to do aerial agriculture health assessment, roof inspection, real estate photos and video, and so much more. The trouble is, I can't help but enjoy its use as a personal artistry tool the most.

I think a drone is especially enjoyable for taking aerial landscape photos of the Sanpete Valley, and the majestic architecture of the Manti LDS Temple. 

I am no stranger to taking pictures of the Manti Temple. Its classic, towering beauty makes it a popular wedding destination, and since we are located just a few blocks away, I have done my fair share of Manti Temple wedding shoots, but the building is extra beautiful from the air.

Surrounded by green fields and well-manicured Temple grounds, its twin peaks soar into the sky—much like my drone, although with slightly less mobility.

Seeing things from above makes you appreciate their beauty even more, since it is a perspective normally reserved for avian creatures and helicopter pilots, but thanks to modern camera drone technology, I get my fix of bird's-eye-view vistas.


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