Playing with new forms of visual media

April 25, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Aerial photography and video is just one of the multiple forms of media that Beehive Imagery is involved in. Recently, we designed and built a vibration-dampening mount for a 360-degree VR camera to create 4k interactive aerial video. The mount is a combination of a 3d-printed gimbal guard and DJI's own OEM vibration dampening system. 

The first flight of the drone, piloted by Robert Stevens, Beehive's FAA-licensed drone pilot, was a total success. Fine tuning to balance and vibration mitigation will improve the overall quality, but the ability to interact with 4k aerial video footage as the bird soars hundreds of feet high is pretty neat.

The technique, even in its crude infancy stages, has obvious applications as a general visual media, in real estate and hospitality industries, and search and rescue operations. Interactive eye-in-the-sky neighborhood tours, structural inspection, the list goes on. 

While it may not be incredibly artistic, innovative technology applications like this, and the cutting-edge media they provide are sneak peaks into what the future has to offer. Sure, designing your own DIY 360 cam mount with vibration dampening might not b e within the reach of the average consumer this week, but its only a matter of time before drones come equipped with 360 cams anyway. Think about it. What use is a 3-axis gimbal if your drones camera already records in every direction.

One caveat to the design is the necessity of pulling off the HIGHLY dangerous one-handed mid-air catch landing. Unless you can afford to lose a finger, we do not suggest you try this with your unmanned aircraft.


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