Beehive Imagery is not an old-fashioned commercial photography studio.


First and foremost, we are regular down-to-earth people who are compelled to pursue photography's unique intersection between the left and right brain. We've earned a few awards...blahblahblah


At heart, we are creative nerds who want to make people happy by applying our talent at freezing moments—real human connections— in time, from our unique perspective, for people in need of an heirloom keepsake, memory mementos or visual documents.


We practice our photography primarily in Central Utah, located a stone's throw from the Manti Temple, of Mormon Miracle Pageant fame, but we also handle travel requirements with reasonable advanced notice.


Besides photography and videography, we also have a FAA-licensed and certified drone pilot on our team. Don't get your aerial imagery from an unlicensed drone pilot!


Hope to hear from you soon!


P.S. If you are a non-profit organization or charity in our area trying to raise funds for a good cause, email us at and maybe we can help! We want to help, and we have valuable skills to offer.